How to Stop WhatsApp without Switching Off Internet

How to Stop WhatsApp without Switching Off Internet

It very often happens that a user wants to have some privacy while interacting on WhatsApp. If yes or no responses do not work and one is required to type in detailed bits of texts to explain situations, using WhatsApp may not be feasible at a business meeting.

But keeping the sender waiting may be seen as impolite. One may at times want to have a way of turning off WhatsApp for the time being, and enabling it again when one is ready to chat.

This brings in an additional bit of privacy in one’s life. One would then not be required to check WhatsApp messages while driving, while downloads take place at their own pace. Turning WhatsApp is essentially a simple trick and does not call for one to be tech savvy. No coding is required as such.



Switching WhatsApp off while the internet is still on is an important trick that many people do not know. It can let a user steer safely of having to respond to messages when he doesn’t feel like doing so.

It also gives one the liberty of not having to receive WhatsApp messages. A few of the users do not receive WhatsApp messages when the internet is not working.

So even after turning off WhatsApp, a user would have the liberty to be on Facebook, do searches over Google or play online games.


Let us take a look at one of the very basic ways of turning off WhatsApp while leaving the internet on.

  • The first step is to go to Settings. For getting to Settings, you’d have to click on the gear shape icon, which is present at the top right corner of the screen.

The Apps settings need to be changed in order to turn WhatsApp off while keeping the internet running.

Click on Apps from the Settings drop down menu.

  • The next step is to select WhatsApp in order to make changes in preferences.

Under Apps, you see a heading ‘Applications list’ in some versions and a list of all phone applications in others. Clicking on ‘Applications List’ will get you to WhatsApp if it is not reachable otherwise. This varies as per the mobile UI.

Then you click on WhatsApp.

  • Upon reaching WhatsApp, a user must click on data usage. The other options visible in the menu would be storage, permission etc.



Clicking on data usage gets you to a second page, which gives 2 options, disable wi-fi and disable data usage. They have a slider bar.



So you must now enable both these options, disable wi-fi and disable data usage.

  • The next step is to try and send or receive messages over WhatsApp while the internet is on. This will not be accomplished.

You would not be able to send or receive messages over WhatsApp while you do not disable the two options, disable wi-fi and disable data usage.

Step 2 : Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> WhatsApp -> FORCE STOP to disable this option Just open WhatsApp App.

The task is now accomplished and you have successfully disabled WhatsApp while keeping the internet on.




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